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About Broadband Census

About Us believes in providing consumers and the public with free information about broadband speeds, prices, availability, reliability and competition.

Since the launch of in January 2008, we have been collecting information from you, the broadband users, about actual speeds and quality of your broadband connections.

In return, we have provided a free site where you can learn about your broadband options, a free speed open-source speed test, a free database of more than 1,600 broadband providers, and free resource of broadband by city, state and ZIP code, and more.

The launch of the National Broadband Map in February 2011 provides a new wealth of data about broadband providers and the speeds at which they advertise their service. Using the publicly available information from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Federal Communications Commission, aggregates this government information into one convenient web site.

Use to compare providers, get faster service, and save money on your broadband connection!

Also visit our sister web site - - building a community of interest around broadband stimulus, the national broadband plan, and universal broadband through the monthly Broadband Breakfast Club.

Our address:

Broadband Census Data LLC
1705 Warner Ave.
McLean, VA 22101